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The Second Class of APDA’s Global Young Leaders Course,Discussion in the possibility of a solution

17 July 2021

On July 17, the second class of the APDA Global Young Leaders Course, organized and established by Hanna Yoon, a director of the K Policy & Media Lab (KGM Lab), was held with the aim of proposing policies at the APDA Youth Forum. Under the theme of "Zero Hunger," the class was conducted with Siobhan Tracy, who is in charge of consulting communication at the Korean branch of Concern Worldwide.

Siobhan Tracy's class on Zero Hunger

Siobhan Tracy began the lecture with discussions on the deepening aspect of the hunger problem and the phenomenon of hunger being the cause of the world's conflict and the conflict itself. He said malnutrition site needs to be approached through the development of food and agricultural systems from production and consumption, and said rising food prices due to the climate crisis and economic weakness caused by pandemic such as COVID-19 continues to play a negative role in normalizing the food system.

Following the class, discussions between participants and speakers continued with various themes centered on the end of hunger. The debate took place on five topics: what is the meaning of the hunger problem, why should we solve the world hunger problem, where is the hunger problem emerging from, by 2030 we can solve the world hunger problem, and what are the ways to solve the world hunger problem.

Participants shared their views on the five topics of the Zero Hunger using MIRO

Participants continued a balanced discussion on the sustainability of nutrient supplementation using genetically modified plants, while pointing to a civil war that hindered the operation of the normal food system in solving hunger problems. Furthermore, students claimed the social independence of women in developing countries through the resolution of gender inequality, and the suture of the economic system, while also showing interest in smart agriculture.

Discussion and feedback between participants and Siobhan Tracy

The course is conducted in real-time online classes every Saturday, all in English. Students who participate in the class will take lectures consisting of 10 experts from various fields, including women, children, health, economy, and smart agriculture, and discuss international issues. All training courses and youth forums are organized by Hanna Yoon, a director of KGM Lab.

* This article is written based on the content of the class after KGM Lab. interns attended 『APDA’s Global Young Leaders Course』

** Copyright of this article is in the KGM Lab. and APDA and it is prohibited from unauthorized copying without permission

(Keywords) Zero Hunger, Concern Worldwide Korea, Siobhan Tracy, APDA, Global Young Leaders Course, KGM Lab.

Writing and editing by

Intern, Ha-yeon Choi (

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Planning/General Manager

Hanna Yoon. (Ph.D. in Media and Governance)

Director of KGM Lab.

APDA Strategy and Communications Consultant/ Founder and General manager of APDA Global Global Young Leaders Course.

Adjunct Professor at Soongsil University

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