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Dr Hanna Yoon works as an advisor to WeGO. Below is an explanation of the WeGO Advisory Board

ABOUT WeGO Advisory Board is a group of experienced experts from across ministries, academia, corporations, and other international organizations in the field of smart city development and international cooperation. The term of the board is two years from 2022 to 2024. Roles of the Advisory Board

  • Provide insights as WeGO makes progress in advancing and expanding the scope of activities

  • Hold WeGO accountable in meeting the needs of members in an equitable and balanced manner

  • Become the ambassadors of WeGO to elevate the visibility and influence of WeGO

Benefits to members

  • Access to insightful knowledge-sharing events supported by the Advisory Board

  • Connect with experts and invite professionals from across the sectors through board members

  • Consult with WeGO on smart city challenges and identify solutions through experts

WeGO Secretariat 7F Seoul Global Center 38 Jongro Jongno-gu Seoul, South Korea 03188 + 82-2-720-2931

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