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The 8h Class of APDA Global Young Leaders Course : Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The 8h Class of APDA Global Young Leaders Course,

Thinking about Solutions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Mobility Sector.

4 September 2021 (Saturday)

Saemoon Yoon’s Class

On August 28, the 8th class of APDA Global Young Leaders Course planned and established by Hanna Yoon, director of K Policy & Media Lab (KGM Lab), was held with the aim of proposing policies for the APDA Youth Forum. This class was invited by Saemoon Yoon, who discovers and selects startups from around the world at the World Economic Forum based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The World Economic Forum, widely known as the Davos Forum in South Korea, is actually an international private conference that discusses and studies the global economy. Saemoon Yoon said, "The World Economic Forum and the Davos Forum are different," introducing that the World Economic Forum is an independent non-profit foundation and international organization, and the Davos Forum is the most famous annual general meeting hosted by the World Economic Forum. He then explained that the World Economic Forum serves as an integrated platform that helps governments, industries, and communities in each country all have close relationships and lead the world in a better direction.

Saemoon Yoon’s Class

Saemoon Yoon is working on discovering leading global startups within the World Economic Forum. Promising companies leading the world change the world. He described this as "innovation" and emphasized how important startups play within the World Economic Forum and further in the world. At the same time, he pointed out the two sides of innovation and helped students think more abundantly.

Students’ presentation

In the subsequent presentation, each group of students set up a startup model on carbon problems and mobility to present market research, marketing plans, and visions. Saemoon Yoon and the students had time to freely exchange feedback and think about what goals the set startups should go forward and how relevant policies could compensate for the risks that companies cannot manage. Students interested in startups actively participated in question-and-answer sessions to understand the multi-layered functions of startups. Some students were asking questions by applying the functions of startups mentioned in the 7th class of the APDA Global Young Leaders Course held last week. This is the result of the positive realization of the interdisciplinary approach, one of the course’s goals.

Students’ presentation

The course is held every Saturday in real-time online classes, all in English. Students who participated in the class take lectures consisting of 10 experts in each field, including women, children, health, economy, and smart agriculture, and discuss international issues. All curriculums and youth forums are overseen by Hanna Yoon, director of KGM Lab.

* This article is written based on the content of the class after APDA interns attended 『APDA’s Global Young Leaders Course』

** Copyright of this article is in the KGM Lab. and APDA and it is prohibited from unauthorized copying without permission

Keywords: APDA, SDGs, WEF, Dabos Forum, Unicorn companies

Writing and editing by

Intern, Young-jun Park (

Intern, Jun-young Park (

Intern, Da-seul Shin (

Intern, Yea-un Lee (

Intern, Ha-yeon Choi (

Planning/General Manager

Hanna Yoon. (Ph.D. in Media and Governance)

Director of KGM Lab.

APDA Strategy and Communications Consultant/ Founder and General manager of APDA Global Global Young Leaders Course.

Adjunct Professor at Soongsil University

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