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Successful Hosting of APDA International Youth Leader Course; Finding Action Measures of Zero Waste

28 July 2021(Wednesday)

On July 10, under the auspices of Director Yoon Hanna of KGM LAB, "APDA's Global Young Leaders Course" was launched. This course is planned to help young people understand Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and design vision for the future. Students have a meaningful forum with experts from various fields and get the opportunity to participate in international conference by members of the National Assembly. The course is held online to prevent COVID-19 and to practice social distance.

To celebrate the launch of the APDA's Global Young Leaders Course, Osamu Kusumoto, secretary general of the Asian Population and Development Association (APDA), attended and said opening remarks. Osamu Kusumoto said that APDA has contributed to supporting sustainable development-related activities and encouraged young talent to actively engage in the process of changing society from a clear perspective.

The lecture was followed by Helen Lee, professor at Troy University, AL, USA, on the subject of design thinking and research methods. Professor Lee delivered a lecture about five steps of design thinking and interviews, surveys and observations for research. The discussion using design thinking is well known to have positive effects on clear problem recognition and creative solutions.

After the lecture, the students each grouped up and had a discussion on how to realize zero waste. Design thinking method was used to define problems considering the position of the subjects and to propose solutions such as brainstroming and HMW(How Might We) questions.

Students had time to present the contents of the discussion. The presenter introduced the non-environmental management of the enterprise, the lack of awareness of the citizens, and the absence of roles for cooperation by the institutions as fundamental problems of the realization of zero waste. They also suggested that companies and citizens should take part in activities for zero waste and provide a way to gain continuous benefits, and hold conferences or fairs to encourage government, businesses and individuals to solve problems and to help them achieve effective cooperation.

Students have the opportunity to act as international leaders by exchanging close opinions on issues that need to be discussed worldwide in the Global Young Leaders Course. From July 10, students will attend online classes every Saturday, taking lectures and discussion classes consisting of 10 experts in each field, including women, children, health, economy, and smart agriculture, and interviews with lawmakers from various countries.

Writing and editing by

Intern, Da-seul Shin (

Intern, Yea-un Lee (

Intern, Ha-yeon Choi (

Intern, Young-jun Park (

Planning/General Manager

Hanna Yoon. (Ph.D. in Media and Governance)

Director of KGM Lab.

APDA Strategy and Communications Consultant/ Founder and General manager of APDA Global Global Young Leaders Course.

Adjunct Professor at Soongsil University

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