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“Based on scientific analysis, we need to put climate change into practice…”

최종 수정일: 2021년 8월 26일

31 July 2021

Induction of class by Hanna Yoon, a director of KGM Lab

On July 17, the fourth class of the APDA's Global Young Leaders Course, founded by Hanna Yoon, a director of the K Policy & Media Lab (KGM Lab), was held with the aim of proposing policies at the APDA Youth Forum. Saroj Dash, who is in charge of international programs for Concernworldwide, participated as a lecturer and gave lectures on "Climate Change" and "Smart Agriculture."

A class by Saroj Dash

Through this class, Saroj Dash presented various indicators that specifically represent climate change. "It is important not only to recognize climate change, but to act based on scientific analysis," he said, stressing the importance of scientific analysis. Based on the Intergovernmental Consultative Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) evaluation report, climate change is deeply related to agriculture and food safety, and climate smart agriculture (CSA) is introduced as one of the solutions.

He explained that the basic principles of the CSA are to organize three principles: Zero Tilage, Mulching, and Intercropping, which are effective in soil quality, agricultural production and climate resilience. In this process, students led to practical discussions on the topic by sharing their thoughts and experiences. After the lecture, students found and organized heroes who practice climate change activities through discussions, and organized key climate change issues based on the contents of the class.

Group discussions and presentations by using MIRO

The students also had time to present the results. He presented young environmentalist Greta Thunberg as a hero in action for climate change, and expressed his opinion that everyone who recognized and tried to solve climate change was a hero. In addition, it suggested the need for incentives through economic and policy support to utilize solutions such as the CSA as a key effort to address climate change, and it is important to act now, emphasizing that we do not have much time left.

The course is conducted in real-time online classes every Saturday, all in English. Students who participate in the class will take lectures consisting of 10 experts from various fields, including women, children, health, economy, and smart agriculture, and discuss international issues. All training courses and youth forums are organized by Hanna, Yoon, a director of KGM Lab.

* This article is written based on the content of the class after KGM Lab. interns attended 『APDA’s Global Young Leaders Course』

** Copyright of this article is in the KGM Lab. and APDA and it is prohibited from unauthorized copying without permission

(Keywords) Climate change, smart agriculture, Global leader, SDGs, APDA, KGM Lab

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Planning/General Manager

Hanna Yoon. (Ph.D. in Media and Governance)

Director of KGM Lab.

APDA Strategy and Communications Consultant/ Founder and General manager of APDA Global Global Young Leaders Course.

Adjunct Professor at Soongsil University

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