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The 3rd class of the APDA's Global Young Leaders Course

28 July 2021(Wednesday)

On July 24, the 3rd class of the APDA's Global Young Leaders Course, planned and established by Han-na Yoon, a director of the K Policy & Media Lab.(KGM Lab.), was held with the aim of proposing policies at the APDA Youth Forum. David Smith, an associate professor of social policy at the University of Anglia Ruskin in the U.K., participated as an instructor to give lectures on "Health Inequality."

Prof. Smith’s class

A PPT slied and students’ discussion in class Starting with an understanding of the concept of health inequality, this class was conducted in a discussion session in which each had a sense of problem and sought solutions. In his lecture, Professor Smith introduced SDGs' 3rd goal, "Healthy Life and Well-being," to show the current state of the world whether a healthy life is guaranteed to everyone, helping students to think more actively about problems and come up with solutions.

First, Professor Smith directly pointed out students and conducted the class by asking and answering the definitions of well-being, gender, and culture. The difference between ‘Equality’ and ‘Equity’ was also explained, enabling students to respond according to their ideas, listen to different opinions, and establish more in-depth concepts on the topic. In line with the COVID-19 era, there was also time to discuss the problems of gender, race and regional inequalities and the causes of these problems.

Group discussions and presentation using MIRO

Each group of presenters pointed out problems, citing institutional barriers as the cause of global health inequality. Therefore, the changes in political and economic policies were proposed such as tax savings, incentives and guaranteed insurance system to enhance the world's Well-Being status as a whole, and the students suggested the programs by government to help unemployment and for welfare by reevaluating the current social system and transforming institutional poverty. Also, another policy was proposed to support health welfare by increasing the number of health care centers available to the public.

The course is conducted in real-time online classes every Saturday, all in English. Students who participate in the class will take lectures consisting of 10 experts from various fields, including women, children, health, economy, and smart agriculture, and discuss international issues. All training courses and youth forums are organized by Han-na Yoon, a director of KGM Lab.

* This article is written based on the content of the class after KGM Lab. interns attended 『APDA’s Global Young Leaders Course』

** Copyright of this article is in the KGM Lab. and APDA and it is prohibited from unauthorized copying without permission

Keywords: Health Inequality, Global leader, SDGs, APDA, KGM Lab. COVID-19

Writing and editing by

Intern, Ha-yeon Choi (

Intern, Young-jun Park (

Intern, Da-seul Shin (

Intern, Yea-un Lee (

Planning/General Manager

Hanna Yoon. (Ph.D. in Media and Governance)

Director of KGM Lab.

APDA Strategy and Communications Consultant/ Founder and General manager of APDA Global Global Young Leaders Course.

Adjunct Professor at Soongsil University

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